Workers Spend More Time With Pets When Working From Home

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This year, many of us have stopped commuting and started working from home. Even if you miss your colleagues and the old routine, there is a reward for being at home: you spend a lot more time with your pets! They’re absolutely glad you were there, but how did pet owners deal with so much time?

Extra time

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Instantprint, a specialist in print marketing, including signage and brochures, found that the commute time was 59 minutes a day. This included commuting to work. A watch may seem like a lot but it definitely adds. It equates to 18 hours a month or 9 days a year to 2 hours. The printing company asked 1000 Englishmen how they spend that extra time, and it turns out that 20% of people spend this with their pets.

Offer comfort

You can’t blame people for wanting to spend more time with their pets in this difficult year. A survey created by Rover said more than half of pet owners felt less stressed while keeping their pets with them. It also found that more than two-thirds of people are happier working from home because they have their pets around. Animals can help people’s mental health in ways that humans can’t. A pet’s love is so simple and fun that you can’t blame people for loving him more than ever in these times.

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Rover’s survey also revealed that 86% of pet owners said it helped their pets feel less stressed. Having pets allowed people to distract them from the news or current events. It would not be surprising, then, to see an increase in pets finding their homes in animal shelters forever in 2020. A pet can help someone with their routines and encourage more physical activity from them. Whether you just decide to play indoors or take a walk and enjoy the fresh air.


Of course, no matter how much we love our pets, let’s face it: they can be incredibly uncomfortable, right? If you’re playing with your pet more than just answering emails, don’t worry. You are not alone. Pets were one of the biggest distractions, according to another instant pressure study. If you are not taking care of yourself, remember that you may not be able to properly care for your pet, so try to balance yourself between productivity and play during the day.

It has been a difficult year, but we are fortunate enough to have our loving friends to assist us. How did you like working from home with your furry friend? Do you think they are more helpful or obstacle to your productivity?

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