When Children Are Injured From Dog Bites or Dog Attacks

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What should you do when children are injured from dog bites or dog attacks? Regardless of the severity of the dog bite or theft, there is a lot you need to do. Let’s consider them in chronological order.

Get Medical Help

Everyone knows that if a child is seriously injured, they should seek medical attention. However, you should seek medical attention for a child who has a minor bite. The dog bite pierces the skin while introducing a string of bacteria into the body. They are prone to infection, and this is not something first aid can completely prevent. Moreover, many dog ​​bites are deep puncture wounds or tears. These injuries should not be treated with bandages. Usually they require stitches. Postponing a visit to a medical professional increases the chances of both scarring and infection.

Document Everything

Your child’s medical records are an essential part of any possible litigation or insurance deal. However, you must collect other relevant documents. Identify who witnessed the case and record contact information. Any lawyer you hire will ask for this information. Has the dog bit others? Find out who and when. If there are police reports, get that information. Find out if the animal has bitten other pets. This is also evidence in your favor, as it shows that the dog is aggressive. Has police or animal control been called in because aggressive dogs chase people? Get information about the incident, including witness information. Evidence that the owners of the dog are negligent in allowing aggressive animals to roam freely, or the failure to take care to keep them inside, strengthens your case.

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Consult a Lawyer

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to hire a lawyer if your child is bitten by a dog. It may be necessary to force the dog owner to pay medical bills, advice, and anything else your child needs. It is often necessary to work with a lawyer to force the owner to take responsibility for the animal. Do they need to be quoted for not being able to fix the hole in the fences that his dog has run from many times? Do they allow animals to wander regardless of who or what is harmed? You can file a civil suit and a criminal complaint against someone. Note that if the dog was kidnapped by the authorities and was taken down as a threat to others, you can still sue them for officer damages. Anyone who fails to properly socialize their dog or abuses them in an attempt to make them more aggressive can also take all other animals from them.

Don’t let anyone claim that the dog is too cute. Any dog ​​can bite. Aggressive breeds come with higher insurance premiums because they are more likely to do so. But a dog that has been trained to attack or digest others can be any breed. An abused or injured dog may bite as a defensive reflex. And as long as the victim does not provoke the animal, the owner still has the guilt.

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