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Do Male or Female Rats Make Better Pets?

When deciding to buy pet rats, one of the first decisions to make is whether to adopt boys or girls. Rats need to live in pairs or groups, as they are social creatures and don’t thrive living alone. However, unless you are desexing your rats, it is important that these …

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Widespread Well being Issues in Rats

One of many downsides to protecting pet rats is that they’re vulnerable to sickness. Though it’s doable to breed towards a variety of rat well being issues, this requires experience, effort, and cautious record-keeping. That usually doesn’t occur the place rats are being bred en-masse on the market. Because of …

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10 Superior Presents for Rat Lovers & Rat House owners

Christmas is approaching and it’s time to start out on the lookout for the proper present on your family members. In case your good friend or a member of the family is an enormous rat lover, there’s no present higher than a rat-themed present! Whether or not the rat lover …

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