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Joint and Hip Supplements to Provide Additional Nutrition for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs are prone to swelling and redness in the joint areas. Many develop serious conditions that cause joint pain, such as hypertrophic osteodystrophy, hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans, and panosteitis. Those who are more active and playful often get injured during their first year. Eventually, even minor injuries …

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5 Weehawken street – Apartment 4B – West Village

5 Weehawken Street apartment 4B – No detail was overlooked as the circle has been renovated down to the nails and has newly leveled oak-striped floors. It is located in a boutique pre-war apartment building right next to Hudson River Park. Perfect for long dog walks at sunset or visiting …

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Little Tart Centerpiece in My Kitchen

Visitors to my kitchen are greeted by a small trash can near the stove, leaned against a closet and partially seated on a field rug. My cat confiscated Forest in the low-sided $ 18 litter box as soon as I pulled it out of a cardboard shipping box. The forest …

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