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Running With a Dog: Things Beginners Should Know

If there is a similarity between exercise and pet ownership, it is that people can lead a longer and healthier life. Many publications highlight the benefits of regular exercise and pet ownership. A total of 75 minutes of brisk walking a week, if done consistently, will result in a gain …

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9 out of 10 cats prefer less nonsense

  Ricky Gervais is known for his comedy and brutal honesty, so the brand was thrilled when it spontaneously recommended Little Hearts, a cat treat product made by Vet’s Kitchen. Although Ricky’s colorful attempts to create a new slogan could split the idea in half, the pet food brand agreed …

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How Big Are Mini Australian Shepherds?

Children nag and drive you crazy. “Mommmmm, can we get a Pleeeeeze dog? Pleeeeeze?” As every parent knows, nagging works, so you’re exploring different options and breeds and you’ve decided on a Mini Australian Shepherd. But you only have a small garden. How big do Mini Australian Shepherds grow? They …

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