Little Tart Centerpiece in My Kitchen

The little tart ornament on my kitchen door

Visitors to my kitchen are greeted by a small trash can near the stove, leaned against a closet and partially seated on a field rug.

My cat confiscated Forest in the low-sided $ 18 litter box as soon as I pulled it out of a cardboard shipping box. The forest was like a magnet to the refrigerator, he sewed the fluffy gold into the pan I bought specially for my 20-year-old cat Joan. Joan has arthritis and I felt it would be easier for her to access this KittyGoHere Senior Cat Litter Box.

kitchen cat bed

The forest never sleeps in cat beds and rarely lies in a cardboard box. He is known for sleeping on the floor in the middle of a room or in an oversized ottoman in my living room. However, this beach sand colored box with a special 3 inch opening captivated her and I gave up using it for its intended purpose.

I first lined up the box with a spare bath towel and muttered while resting in Forest. Soon after, I stuffed that towel with a mini flannel quilt made by my mom. The quilt runs up the sides of the box and I carefully gather it around the edges so that it stays in place when the Forest rises to the top.

I thought of the general view of the Forest in the trash can. It looks like the sweet filling of a tart-like bed with a flannel quilt.

The forest, now known as my “small scale”, has become the most important part of my tiny kitchen. He watches me from the litter bed as I pass, watches me shuffle my 70-pound dog, and watches all the activities I do, from unloading food to washing dishes and preparing food.

It was also strategically positioned near my stove so that it absorbed the soothing warmth when the oven was on.

Veteran dog sister Angel accidentally stepped on her when she was spread upside down on the kitchen area rug in the past. The litter box now provides a safe space where its large paws never fall victim to it.

I come home and regularly find Angel sleeping next to her on the area rug within a few inches of Forest placed in a plastic litter box bed.

dog and cat in the kitchen

Experts say cats are most vulnerable when sleeping, so they prefer to doze off in areas where they feel safe. These areas are quiet and comfortable areas where they can escape from busy household activities. Some cats crawl under a bed, on a closet, or inside a closet.

The forest is a fad, preferring to sleep in wide open spaces. While a cat’s stomach is its most vulnerable area and most cats don’t like to expose it, Forest feels safe and relaxed in my presence by lying belly up. My home is also a quiet place. I respect Forest’s bedtime and avoid being pressed on him.

One advantage of all this is that my forest sand bed creates a unique decoration in my kitchen. Usually partially tucked upside down and twisted into a 20x15x5 inch structure covered with colorful quilts featuring sunflowers, lion cub faces or pink elephants.

happiness kitchen

In this box the Forest greets visitors. In this box, he receives Forest touches and kisses as I walk. In this box, the Forest seems to be alive all the time.

I often take pictures of them in various sleeping positions in the unconventional bed and post them on a Facebook page called @Forestbellyup. It’s funny to find him sleeping with one leg out of the box and periscope up on the sidewalk. Sometimes the tail is comfortably draped over the box side.

At the age of 14, Forest finally found a container he wanted as a bed. It’s funny that this little space it takes up on the kitchen floor didn’t bother me. As if the box would land there a few inches from where I unpacked from a cardboard carrier.


Tracy Ahrens is an experienced journalist, writer, artist and mother of three rescued cats and a dog. Check out their website at

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