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Ricky Gervais is known for his comedy and brutal honesty, so the brand was thrilled when it spontaneously recommended Little Hearts, a cat treat product made by Vet’s Kitchen. Although Ricky’s colorful attempts to create a new slogan could split the idea in half, the pet food brand agreed with him that “people would prefer to advertise honestly.”

So instead of using professional copywriters for their ad plans, they scrapped clever wordplay, soft selling, and complex phrases, and will instead ask customers to use their own words.

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The campaign will start with an excerpt from Ricky’s latest podcast and customers will be asked to post their reviews via social media and above all else to be honest!

Vet’s General Manager of Kitchen, Laura Shears said, “One of our core brand values ​​is honesty, and it’s funny how Ricky Gervais gave us a great tip to think about how we might reflect this through our ads. Why make things complicated when the best endorsements are real and simple? Podcast to Ricky I would like to thank him for mentioning in his and I would like to use his more creative suggestions but I did not vote! ”

The new ads will include a simple photo of a pet, starting with Ricky Gervais’s motto, with a quote from the customer:

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“We decided to pull things back and ask real people what they think, even if we don’t get a flamboyant answer,” Shears says. “For us this is honest advertising. Vet’s Kitchen is at its heart, a trusted brand that takes pride in taking care of our country’s pets with quality dog ​​food – why complicate things?”

Vet’s Kitchen will donate 50,000 meals to hungry cats and dogs in the UK in the coming months, according to Gervais’ suggestion.

Brands spend millions of dollars a year on advertising campaigns that announce their interest credentials. Although we have always supported charities, we were redirected by Ricky to find ways to do more. We think our clients would prefer to put our money where the mouths of the animals in need, and we think they will be pleased to hear that we donate those funds to charities, ”concludes Laura Shears, Managing Director of Vet’s Kitchen.

photo credit: Max Kleinen on Unsplash

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